Sunday, 30 November 2014

Greatest gift from God!

Hey all, i had a great and really awesome news just for me and dear hubby. We just got pregnant. I can even believe i'm actually pregnant! Yay!! I hope this little bean decide to stick this time after all. I can't imagine to lose this one. Our only hope is on God and only God can save the baby this time. I know i have no power to make my baby stay, but all i know only God can do that. So, i pray, this one stick until August next year.


On the 29th November 2014, i just had the urge to take the HPT that i bought last August. I know that i don't really have those pregnancy symptoms that people always talks about, but who cares right? I'm on 10 days past ovulation and it's kind of early *i know* but i can't fight it. I just pee on the stick, and to my surprise, big fat positive *not really..just a faint one*. I was like.. is this real? Finding every light in the bathroom!! Even go outside to make sure it was real. It is indeed two lines. How do i feel that time? My heart beating fast like i've just run a mile without taking a rest, my palms are all sweaty like there's no tomorrow! Lol. Just wow.. I didn't even remember to make breakfast for my hubby, we just decide to go out and eat fancy breakfast to celebrate.

How do i feel about this pregnancy after miscarriage? It kinda freaks me out a little, scared to lose this one. I know how hurt it would be to face a pregnancy ~ physically and mentally. You wouldn't want to know. Believe me! But don't get me wrong, i'm so happy to get pregnant again. I know, if not God's love, i would never get pregnant again. Then again.. Thanks God!!


  1. Pray For You Ann, and for your baby too!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS ANNN!!!! :D ... I'm happy for you and your husband, jangan kerja berat2 taw, ^^ ..

  3. wa.. congrats ann.. May God always protect u and keep u save.


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