Welcome to my blog ! Hi.. I'm Ann. I live at the suburbs in a small town called Keningau. Just a small town but i love it. Nothing interesting, but well this is home.  
I blog much about anything. A quick thought and notable stuff ~
I've just finished my studying in Culinary Art. I know, i know.. why blogging? Well, once i got married, i decided to be a full housewife. Just focus on the family, and aside from that there's nothing much to do. My passion always on writing..so there i decide to start blogging and fill those free time alone when my hubby going out to work. My hubby owns a large farm and sells vegetables ~ fruits wholesale also a supplier for most of the restaurant in town. Simple as that! Mehh!! I sell cake from home. Homemade cakes ~ Delicious. Even the kids loves me, well obviously because of the cakes and cookies i made. LOL.

  Kids? I had once but God loves her more. I had a miscarriage. It was traumatic, awful and the most saddest moment ever in my life. But i am hoping to have one very soon. Finger crossed.


  1. Hi Ann! wah, orang sabah baini.. yes bertambah g geng dari sabah, oh lupa , nice to meet you Ann.. ^_^ .. follow mine too :* :*

    pssst: jangan lupa disable kan you punya verification words :B hehehe..

    1. Sya ingat suda disable! ohohoo.. anyway, nice to meet u too fina.. meh jadi geng blogger. :P


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